Kata Beach in Phuket is the best place for family holiday!

Kata Beach Phuket is the third most popular after Patong and Karon. Nearby is the Kata highway Road – the second largest highway passing along the coast across the town of Karon, twenty kilometers to west of the island capital of the island – Phuket Town. Sand strip has a length of about a kilometer, and the width does not exceed forty, it is three shorter than Karon north of it and twice as long Kata Noi beach, located to the south. If not for the two rocky array, dividing the coast into three parts, in the south-west of Phuket there could be one solid beach line. Rest here a few more calm than in the above areas, and has to relax. Photo for credibility presented below, if you don’t have enough of them, then look online webcam on the beach Kata Beach.


Fun at Kata Beach Phuket inferior in diversity and scale not only to Patong, but even Karon, who lies half a kilometer to the north. True, especially bored don’t have to. Most of the buildings in this area fit in between Kata Road and Patak Road, parallel to the coast. There you can find shops, massage parlors, restaurants, bars, Internet cafe. There are several markets (before visiting them it’s important learn how to bargain properly). Thanks A large number of Russian tourists have a rest Often there are signs, banners, posters in their native language.

Kata Beach in Phuket

There are several tour agencies offering short tours of the neighborhood or long throughout Thailand (about the most select excursion programs, read the article “Best Excursions of Phuket Island “). Due to the often turbulent sea, the place is perfect for beginner surfers, so in the south Beach opened a school for learning to surf. On a wooded cliff Between Karon and Kata there is a small mini golf course “Dino Park “, whose name speaks for itself that it is made in the style of the Jurassic period. Therefore it you can see dinosaurs, albeit not real ones, but rather realistic.

Surfing on Kata Beach

If you do not know where to eat on Kata Beach Beach, then go to Mom Tri’s Kitchen. There great food, but the minimum check is 1000 baht. And just snacks can be anywhere, street snacks are found on every step. In the evening around many hotels are starting to work. food courts.

Mom Tri’s Kitchen restaurant near Kata Beach

Restaurant Mom Tri’s Kitchen

Due to the lack of nightlife sexual nature and remote from noisy Patong – this place is perfect for family holiday, allows you to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding nature. However, in high season the beach is not weakly filled. by tourists.

Kata Beach on Phuket


Shopping on Kata Beach of Phuket Island will most likely disappoint you. Small shops and small local markets dominate here. clothing and Thai-made shoes, traditional souvenirs, these range of goods and limited. For a serious purchase is better. go to Phuket Town or Patong.

Shopping on Kata Beach


Surely you would think that the sights on Kata Beach Beach island Phuket completely absent. However, they are, although they are not so much. One kilometer to the east, on the mountain Nakaked, among the forest there is a Big Buddha temple complex with a 45-meter statue that visible even from the beach. Directly to it can only reach crazy extreme people. The rest rent a tuk-tuk, taxi or book a tour. Read more about the statue of Big Buddha on Phuket

Big Buddha Statue in Phuket Big Buddha Statue in Phuket

Approximately five kilometers to the south, if you go on highway 4233 (Chalong Ring), there is an observation deck located on a hill Kho Sam Hut. From there you have a wonderful view of the west. the coast of the island and the three surrounding beaches.

Phuket Observation Deck

On the way to the Big Buddha you can look into the current temple complex Wat Chalong. It was built at the beginning of the XIX century, on the territory is a religious school, a dormitory of monks. Is interesting architecture, paintings and statues. You can refer to fortune tellers.

The temple complex of Wat Chalong in Phuket


The hotels on Kata Beach of Phuket Island are located outside coastline. On Kata Road, the distance from the entrance to the edge water reaches 200 meters. Closer – about 90 meters – located hotels located on Koktanod Road. Living in them the most expensive. Read on to find a cheap hotel. Hotellook.ru and RoomGuru.ru sites. Just below Widget of the most popular hotels with the possibility of booking.

How to get there

After buying a tour to Kata Beach and landing at Phuket Airport, tourists often have a question about how to get to it. More often, the problem is solved by itself, since taxi drivers are usually waiting in the arrival hall and offering to give a lift anywhere. The trip in this case will cost from 200 to 1000 baht. You can also take a regular flight by minibus. Racks shipping companies are in the arrivals hall, find them not will work. In general, to get from the airport to Kata will not be labor.

If you are traveling in a big company or with a small child, best to transfer via popular service KiwiTaxi.ru.In the first case, you will save a hundred baht, thanks to a roomy minivan, in the second one you will get with a larger safety for the child, so the driver will suggest a child seat. You can pick up a transfer and find out the prices on the widget below.

Getting to Kata Beach from Phuket Town is possible at the municipal transport – these are blue buses. From Phuket Town they go to the ranks of Ranong Road, and on Kataoostvanovatsya vsta meters to the beach the intersection of Kata Road and Koktanod Road. The ticket costs 40 baht, the bus stops near every palm tree, so 20 km it passes in almost an hour.

How to get to Kata Beach in Phuket

From Patong in the direction of Karon paved road – Siriat Road. She is alone and getting lost is impossible. Distance on the map about five kilometers, but taking into account the relief – the mountains – everything is typed 15, therefore not reachable on foot. Rent a tuk-tuk, taxi or Just ask the Thai man to give you a ride. Phuket Town with the southwestern coast of the island is connected by two roads: Phra Phuketkaeo Road, going through the town of Ka Thu and leading to Patong; Chaofa East Road (Chalong), passing into Patak Road and going to Kata Beach.

Kata Beach on Phuket Map

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Kata Beach

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