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On the southwest coast of Phuket is the town of Ka Ron, part of the municipality of the same name with the island. it the second most popular tourist destination, which usually bring everyone who purchased the package tour. Karon Beach on Phuket is one of the longest – 3.5 kilometers, he inferior even famous Patong, located six kilometers to north. But his features are not limited to this. Home – he completely open to all winds, which is why the sea is rather hectic, the arrival of a big wave is possible even at the height of the swimming season. There are also countercurrents.

Karon Beach Phuket Beach Karon Beach Phuket Beach

Beach Karon Beach in Phuket is conditionally divided into three parts: the northern, the most peaceful; central, where there are sun beds; south, where right on the coast is a tourist town and is the main party place (watch online webcam on Karon Beach). A kilometer to the north of it is still tiny Karon Noah, separated from the main massif by a wooded cliff. On the way there You can stay on the main observation platform of the island. From the south he separated borders Kata Beach.

Karon Beach Phuket Beach

The beach is wide, along it is an asphalt road. Their divides the strip of green. In the central part it is completely treeless, and in the north shady, with trees. The sand is yellowish famous for its crunch, whose origin is explained differently: who is abundant in salt, who is having a large amount quartz.

Northern part

Relaxing on Karon Beach Beach in Phuket more will appeal to those who are inclined to quiet pastime. Most party places close after sunset. well and in the afternoon, if you are looking for peace and quiet, it’s enough to go to its north end.

The northern part of Karon Beach on Phuket

From the central part of the beach, it is visually separated by a lake, which the asphalt road goes around, turning sharply to the right. A park around this freshwater reservoir is another place of solitude, where one can remain almost completely alone even at noon.

The northern part of Karon Beach on Phuket

There is also the town of Ka Ron, which gave the name to the beach. Him the infrastructure is well developed and aimed at satisfaction tourist needs. In addition to restaurants, bars and massage parlors There are several attractions. For example, the temple of Wat Karon (Karon Temple), next to him on Tuesdays and Thursdays is arranged fair.


Karon Beach in Phuket is a beach holiday destination, with prices for familiar entertainment there is even higher than in Patong. For example, for half an hour ride on a jet ski will take you 1,500 baht, and water Skis will cost even more, in 2000 baht. Couples with children on Phuket can be quite calm about morality, insane Go Go bars and other adult entertainment are not there. True, when If you want, you can find girls in the bars of Ka Ron.

Fun at Karon Beach in Phuket

In addition to the beach, you can walk around the town, look at the temple of Wat Karon or go west, where it is already installed Thailand’s traditional Big Buddha statue. It is quite high – 45 meters. Another place of entertainment is viewpoint Karon View Point, located halfway to the beach Karon Noah.


Best hotels near Karon Beach Phuket are in its central part. However, they have no direct access to the sea. Such resorts are in the south and north, they are not so modern and do not provide a high level of comfort. but it is there that you can rent inexpensive housing, including guest houses, on long term. Search for the most popular hotels by service level and prices can be on sites Hotel orRoomGuru.ru.



Fans of this type of entertainment will be disappointed. Nothing special Ka Ron can not please them. Shopping on Karon Beach focuses on Shopping Sale Karon Plaza, which is more like a covered market. Tuesdays and Thursdays at the temple of Wat Karon unfolds the indigenous fair. Another trade the place is a tourist town in the south. But if you want to buy, for example, electronics, then you should go straight to Phuket Town or Patong.

Shopping at Karon Beach in Phuket

How to get to Karon

Getting to the beach Karon Beechne is great labor. At Phuket airport you can feel yourself almost as in Sheremetyevo, the Thais will offer so annoyingly You can drive up to any beach in Phuket. Worth only say: “Karon” – and you can only look at flashing on roadside views of the types without worrying about anything else. Taxi drivers more honest, the whole trip will cost 700 baht, and if you travel company, it makes sense to drop on the transfer. In the minivan will have wait for the full download, and on the way you will have a pleasant surprise: on Intermediate stop to 180-200 baht for the fare you will be offered pay 50 more if you want to find yourself right at the gates of the hotel.

We do not advise you to go from Patong to Karon on foot. The distance on the map is only 5 kilometers, but on a winding mountain. track. You can not overcome. Therefore it is better to sit on the traditional traditional transport – body scooter (tuk-tuk), for the ride it will take at least 200 baht. If you are alone, you can ride a passenger in the back seat of a motorcycle or scooter.

In early 2018, Karon launched a bus route directly from Phuket Airport.

Karon Beach on Phuket Map

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Karon Beach

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