Hitchhiking to the Caucasus and back. Spring 2007. Part 2.

This is a continuation of my story as I hitchhiked to the Caucasus. Start here: Hitchhiker to the Caucasus and back. Part one.

Eighth day. Tuapse-Anastasievka.

Half a day they waited for Commander while he repaired the car. He has blue, even No, blue penny. And he rides on it, like a real Schumacher, by mountain serpentines. Just manage to hold on. However, here it is drive all, a feature of these places. Hot mountain guys with boiling blood in the veins, can not resist the tide adrenaline.

Fulfilled one of the points of his plan – drank Kuban Burenka. If a person loves ryazhenka, he should try this one. megarezhenoku. After it, everyone else in the mouth will no longer climb. AT looking for a store, walked through the back streets of Tuapse – completely different vegetation, cypresses, pizundsky pines, already blossoming sweet cherries and plums, the streets at an angle of almost 45 degrees, and very dense occupancy, house on the house. The friends of Commander, with whom we yesterday had dinner, on 6 acres there are three houses where all their relatives live. Those who are accustomed to the Russian expanses of fields and steppes, in the coastal zone will be difficult to live. From the elevation of the city of Tuapse opens magnificent view of the turquoise sea. Good here in April when the holiday season has not started yet.

Hooray! I bathed in the sea. Transparent, cold and pleasantly salty. This Commander took us to the rock Kiselev, where he spent all his childhood. How beautiful it is there, and the view from the cliff, and the rock itself, and the shore seas.

Kiseleva Rock. Near Tuapse. Kiseleva Rock. Near Tuapse.

Kiseleva rock. About Tuapse.

When I was little, my mother and I traveled several times to Lazarevskoe. Where I had to catch every evening from the sea. And even though I spent all day in the water, catching me was enough complicated. I waited for these trips all year round, sitting in snowy Moscow. I even considered this small town to be my second homeland, and I was going to move there when I grow up.

And in the village of Anastasievka we got only in the evening. Commander, showed extra-class on his penny, going over the fords. It turns out our Russian cars, the development of the 60s for a lot are able.

To spend the night we stopped at the temple of the sun, the kurgan dolmen. A place power, and yes even fabulous. Imagine a mountain valley in the center her big old oak tree, night, starry sky, and smeared over it the clouds. Next to the oak mound – a mound of stones, overgrown with young trees, a river flows nearby.

We spent the night together in a 2-person tent. Close, but warm. It was strange, at first everyone was going to sleep on the street, and in as a result, they squeezed into one tent, although it was set up for happening.

Day nine. Anastasievka-Apsheronsk.

They moved to ecovillage near Apsheronsk. First we drove in by ourselves city and picked up Fyodor, another one of our friend. He flew in today by plane to the Caucasus. Here is a bourgeois, however! Fun huddled in a penny after a friendly hug, we continued on.

In the eco-settlement we were well received, fed with sour cream. pie. I took a note to myself, somehow I would have to try make bread smetannye tortillas. Unfortunately, show glades the foothills of the hosts should have been tomorrow, since we arrived late in the day. And I would have to leave tomorrow in the Tula region, on Beautiful Sword River. There are still some of my friends a small hike satisfied. I would like to have time. I decided to go! Long live hitch-hiking! At the same time and again I will overcome the fear!

Day ten. Hitch-hiking: Apsheronsk-Millerovo.

Early in the morning, having quickly gathered and said goodbye to the hosts, I moved to a halt. There is such a dead place in terms of hitchhiking, that first I had to go to the city by bus, and at the same time try to wake up to the end. Outside the bus window sailed snow-capped mountain peaks – Fisht, like it was him. How do i there will be a lack of mountains—

Coming out of the city, I quickly stopped the cargo gazelle, and went to next to her already sitting passenger. Wow, even in this case picked up. There are good people on the roads! Next was Kamaz before Krasnodar. And again my favorite Krasnodar bypass, on which I spent half a day. But I took a guy for a couple of kilometers to BMW, it is a pity that he turned into the city. Then the summer resident took me out the city, and I still waited there for a long hitchhiking.

Pleased with the sun’s warmth, almost heat, warming my bones. Long standing on the track was rewarded with a good driver on Chevy Niva, which served me cashews and coffee. And he rode too well quickly. Drove me instantly to Rostov. There again, summer resident on the classics and small distance. Then the military on the nine, heard about hitchhiking. He told that he has a friend hitchhiker, and he himself going hitchhiking to Europe. It turns out there is a good military. Hooray! And then after the military department, I was completely disappointed in this categories of people. Next, quite a bit I was taken by a tourist to heels, a good kind of person, it’s a pity that only 10 km was of the way.

In the meantime, it was getting dark, and I thought with horror about the night, where am I will have to spend the night, and how much I will pass. There was a thought to go hitchhike all night. A very good idea, but already almost dark, but I have been standing for half an hour near the gas station. And why people don’t want ride a nice guy with a backpack? Okay, I’ll think about it later when I myself go somewhere behind the wheel.

As a result, two guys stopped, with them it was worse to go Total. It turns out the 14th, reystalingovaya nine, can go around 190 km / h, and I did not know … The guy that was a passenger in front of my eyes getting drunker and drunker, asked me some tricky questions telling about bad Muscovites. How cool is that I don’t told where I am from. They drove me to Millerovo (Rostov region). And it was already 12 nights. And I got under the lantern next to the post, what interested the policemen in person. And was searched. AND banished from the lantern zone. These are the repression. But I picked up a man who was driving home with his children after he stopped him traffic cop Perhaps even the policeman himself told him to take me with out of sight.

The driver said that once stood in the winter on the highway, the car broke down, and no one stopped, now always brings up in the winter. Although the street was no longer winter, he still gave me a lift. By on the way, I managed to advise him something about computers and software. Hm— For people from the regions, I am apparently a guru in such matters.

Then again post and stand again. Eyes sticking together, hours 2 nights outside. Having decided that after all my night hitchhiking was a success, I good conscience went to look for a place to sleep. Lay under the tree in 50 meters from the road. The first time I started from every car, but the dream overcame me, hallelujah!

Day eleventh. Hitch-hiking: Millerovo-Efremov.

Ahhh! It’s cold again! I got up at 7 maybe, if not earlier sleepy and frozen. Apparently during the night something happened with the weather. Clothed all that was in the backpack, and went to continue hitchhiking. There were no machines thickly – still asleep. After an hour of inactivity, I was picked up by the Kamaz, which was distilled somewhere near Nizhny Novgorod. Pity that he turned off soon. So began a new day, a day of new communication, and new hitchhiking day.

In Boguchar I picked up the next Kamaz. Here that except for KAMAZ no other cars? But he treated me to tea. Have you ever had tea in Kamaz? I advise! I finally drank it with my pants, my seat, by the floor. Only a few drops fell into the mouth. There was no way Mouth a cup to bring. I will need another horse sometime pochayevnichat for comparison. Having said thanks for tea, smeared over cockpit and for me, I crawled out in some village. And there I picked up again, who do you think? Yeah, he’s the most … KAMAZ. Me this time lucky for them. Can you buy one, in memory of hitchhiking? And I already knew the driver by sight. He drove past three times, when I stood on the sidelines. I also remembered it, by expression: “no fig, I will not stop.” He explained to me why he did not want to take – like all around some bad people, you never know what. I certainly do not argue that there are such people, but it hurts him somehow everything is bad and everything the bad ones And he took me because he became familiar.

Maybe because he was looking at life like that, soon the car broke down. And I went to catch the next one. Now picked me up an old Audi, with a taxi, but the taxi driver had a day off. So me drove to Voronezh.

Tip! If you are hitchhiking, better take your time nowhere. In their idle time I was very annoyed at life, and even 20 minutes turned into huge pause. Later I realized that I was moving fast. AND sometimes after standing for several hours I made up for very fast the car.

Here began a small rush, literally 10-20 km. About Voronezh I sat down again on the Kamaz … Well, surely this is some kind of sign! Guy I was from Orel and came here to work in my car. Next on gazelle minibus for about 10 minutes, then on the bulkovoze (jeep that bread carries) on some foreign Oka. All drove very little.

The day was coming to an end and I was stuck again. Strongly so. Friends they sent me a text message that they had already reached Efremov and were breaking tents near the river Beautiful Sword. And I looked at the sun, as it is approaching the horizon, and thinking how I want today to have time to by him. Another night near the road was not part of my plans. I stood two hours at least. Treskal drying and freezing. The wind just pierced through. So many cars drove by, but somehow I don’t I liked it, although it seemed to be pretty. And the guy stops at nine and asks for help on gasoline. I am by that time, by the way, was ready for the money and go. But the money was not much, I said what they say there are 200 rubles. He picked me up, but warmed up, so to speak, stove machine. And then we drove up to Yelets and there …. a traffic jam … no, even try! There is no end, no way, the cops blocked the road. The driver, not embarrassed, on the side of the road, then on some sort of primer, and After 15 minutes we have already passed everything. And people are there for several hours were standing. Just all those who did not want to drive me. I know that not good, but I gloated. And then it dawned on me! Why i stood so long? I waited for this particular car to be the fastest drive through. He drove me to turn on Efremov. And did not take the money told me to just wish him luck. Apparently mentally with him talked. By the way, he went to Moscow, so I could have gone to Moscow to get there, and in the end it would have turned out that in 2 days and one night I arrived would be from the Caucasus to Moscow, almost like a train.

Managed! Although the sun had set 30 km more to the camp, but I managed! The road was not at all popular and there were no cars, so I decided that I will go on foot. I go and I think, it is necessary to guess the car, well, although would just try. I made a guess, and here a car appears with Orlovskim numbers that picks me up. Immediately relief that go already less. And here in the conversation it turns out that these people are going to the village to their parents, and this village is in a couple kilometers from our camp. Well, this is a coincidence. It was at this time, precisely on this day, that they decided to go to a village where there were not half a year, to a village where only 3 live person

From the village, I can say, flew across the field, all the fatigue and sleepiness disappeared. I was looking forward to meeting with friends!

Beautiful Sword River. Near the town of Efremov. Beautiful Sword River. Near the town of Efremov.

River Beautiful Sword. Near the town of Efremov.

And then we sat by the fire, fried bread, I told about my hitchhiking, and the next day we were covered with snow … But that’s another story entirely

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