Hitchhiking to the Caucasus and back. Spring 2007. Part 1.

In the distant 2007, in the cold month of April, in the period of some lack of money, I decided to take a hitchhiking trip and drove off to Caucasus. It was my first long hitchhiking. We started to stop three of us, and then had to split up. Unfortunately, my camera was not so little pictures.

Route: Moscow – Epifan – Revival (under Gelendzhik) – Tuapse – Apsheronsk – Efremov (Tula region) – Moscow.

Purpose: To get to the village of Vozrozhdenie hitchhiking, call in ecovillage near Absheron and return back to Moscow

Immediately explain what the village of Renaissance, and what kind of ecosettlements.

Renaissance village is a village under Gelendzhik, near which there are dolmens, and where in the summer, hang out all sorts of people with tents. According to some people – a place of power.

Eco-settlements are settlements of people living outside cities, and campaigning for the environment. They unite on the most different reasons that do not interest me, but how they live and what are engaged.

The first day. Hitch-hiking: Mikhnevo-Epifan.

It all started with the fact that I was standing in the rain on the platform of the railway station “Kolomenskoye” and waited for his two friends (aka Wind and aka Commander), looking at the departing train, which was supposed to us carry in Mikhnevo (Moscow region). The guys wanted to get into it at the station, but too late. As a result, we went on some fashion express, with seats from the plane, with tables and digital boards. But we arrived only to Domodedovo, because the controllers abandoned our offers to close your eyes to the lack of tickets. But there we sat down on the train, which was late, as the express overtook her. So wanted to have time and had time! True, in a different way.

Start hitchhiking. Start hitchhiking.

Start hitchhiking.

In Mikhnevo began our hitchhiking. We went to the track, and stalled 9ku, which went to Lipetsk. Not exactly along the way, but we sat down. The whole the road the driver spoke on different topics, about history, politics, jumping from topic to topic. At first I listened, and the guys even maintained a conversation, but after half an hour it became perceived complicated The impression that the driver is just hunting speak out and share your knowledge. The crown phrase “no, not so, “to our every opinion. And suddenly I remember that I told on the eve of some ecovillage along the road. Have called agreed and left about Epifani (Tula region). Us met by car and drove to the village. Little guys called him Alexander showed us his house, the plot. Told us about your life, where he just was not, and what not only doing. And now now wants to live in the village. In the conversation we learned that he was manual the therapist, after which everyone wanted to check the back, which was and done, set the vertebrae as far as possible at a time. He also had a miracle machine, a bed, a massage and warming up I would lie on it and lay, upward bliss.

Second day. Hitch-hiking: Epifan-Efremov.

Morning greeted us with village potato drannik, the hosts have tried. But hitchhiking that day was dead. In a hundred kilometers from the highway and cars and buses rarely go, life is here generally freezes.

Hitchhiking stagnation. About Epifany stood for 2 hours. Hitchhiking stagnation. About Epifany stood for 2 hours.

Hitchhiking stasis. Around Epifany stood for 2 hours.

In the afternoon, only 70 km of hitchhiking – we gazelka I brought up, with a peasant prankster, funny such, compliments to me I weighed, but promised to find a bride.

We spent the night near Ephraim (Tula region) in the forest plantation. Here is That night I realized that with a summer sleeping bag I got excited, on the street zero, frozen yak zutsik, despite the fact that my friends showered me on top of their warm clothes.

Third day. Hitch-hiking: Efremov-Rostov-on-Don

Brrr … What a frosty morning. Thought a lot about the heat. By the way, my the backpack is the smallest, it is two times smaller than that of the Commander. I feel like an amateur that took so few things. Walk of course light is cool, but freezing is also not an option.

It was decided to split, because the three guys are probably not the most best gift to the driver. Happy lot to hitchhike alone I got it, that’s what I was afraid of, I do a lot of things, like turned out to be afraid, but more on that later.

Hitch-hiking in the Caucasus. I liked the name - the key of life. Hitch-hiking in the Caucasus. I liked the name - the key of life.

Hitchhiking in the Caucasus. I liked the name – the key of life.

After another stagnation in hitchhiking, my friends stopped me a truck MAZ (there was only one place, that’s why I went). I announce them thanks, hehe. From now on, hitchhiking I went reactively, which served as a further reason for jokes and jokes on me because he came to the village Revival I am the first, in a day, Commander, and in another day The wind, the most attractive element to itself. Like only thanks to them I got so fast. So what am I talking about … Oh, Yes, it means that I was driving at MAZ till the evening, even till night. The whole I was stunned by ACDC, I probably listened to almost all of them albums, try to find ten differences between them. With a driver, Zhenya was his name, not many topics were found for conversation, but still not silent, I remember the truth, only some information about imported wagons. Near Voronezh, I saw the guys from the window, we together waved their hands to each other. After they sent sms that drove a little more and spent the night. I drove to the mines, it is 70 km before reaching to Rostov-on-Don. All day the thought came to me that I did not want to sleep in a tent, materialized – I spent the night in the cabin MAZ. When entering the parking lot, I thought the driver would kick me out or will not expel, and on the street it is raining. How glad it was when he said, clear the shelf and fall.

The cabin is good – warm and dry. Road and hitchhiking condition allows you to forget all your troubles, there are other goals, there is a chain events. It is completely different what car will be next, how much you will pass what driver. You have time, of course, and see a lot of window on beauty, and nature to feel. Further than half a day you do not think, expecting life to cook this time.

Day four. Hitch-hiking: Rostov-on-Don-Renaissance.

Sleep was warm! The mood after such a night is magical! Stove worked all night. And most importantly, slept just a few hours

They continued on their way, Zhenya landed me 30 kilometers after Rostov The main part of the path is passed, the superMAZ drove me in the total complexity of about 800 km. Why, I forgot to tell you: such beautiful hills and pine forests near Voronezh. Some places resembled mountains, elevation changes are amazing.

Next hitchhiking went like clockwork, near Rostov, after 5 minutes, 8ka stopped, though at the nearest driver’s post was detained, and I was searched. The driver was a grandfather, I also found with whom to contact. It was necessary to move away from the traffic police, as the Chechen stopped, asking first do not confuse me his nationality. After 150km braked gazelle. Lesha, the driver, I liked the most, open such, cheerful uncle, went with him to Krasnodar. He treated me to the most delicious apples. I kept thinking how great it would be on the way back meet. I landed, means, me on a bypass Krasnodar, and through a couple of minutes looking away someone was waving, it turned out Lech. His called and asked to come to one place, and just another 20 km there was a way with me. Well, just a miracle man that waited for me. Thank you, Lech. After I had a stagnation for an hour somewhere. While standing, I thought. And what else to do when you are standing? And I noticed such a thing, you must first satisfy your natural needs, and then continue hitchhiking. Right after i don’t Hastily ate and did his own things, the car was stalled, and before that no way. The guys from Adygeisk wanted money at first, but agreed give a ride and just like that. Came out at the turn of the city and made a guess car to the village of Renaissance, well, that’s what I wanted, quickly, and so already without transfers. And then she appears, the same treasured car. Behind the wheel of a guy who goes just where I am need to. Talked about this and that. He knows about all places of power, and He knows a lot more, but apparently he doesn’t need it, although he understands that There are different points of view. Since he was a taxi driver, agreed on the fact that I am going to the first client. On the way he took away right, the cops practically set him up. The driver responded philosophically, well done. He finally drove me to Pshada (Gelendzhik district), the client because it was found.

I’m almost there! Almost reached! I immediately picked up golf with a silent driver. How cool it is to be silent. Behind two days of continuous talk already and I want silence.

And here it is Revival! Four days and goal achieved. Although if if we didn’t drive in anywhere, and immediately divided, then I would come faster. Tent set on the banks of the river Jean. Right under your feet tents cliff meter three. The water is so reassuring, eyes are closing. Only in a tent alone, a bit lonely …

Village Renaissance. River Jean. Village Renaissance. River Jean.

Village Renaissance. River Janet.

Fifth day. Without hitchhiking, in Renaissance.

The morning began at six o’clock. Frozen Again! -! Warm sleeping bag – This is a dream of my life. After all, we do not appreciate some moments to which they are accustomed. It turns out that sleeping in a warm bed is the top. bliss. With a shudder, I wait for the next night, I have to think of others. options for the fight for heat.

I didn’t want to go anywhere, and that’s how the whole day passed. But a lot I had time to think. Yes, yes, I thought again. For this probably went to Revival And after I opened hitchhiking for myself, make such trips easier. Understood such a thing sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone, and with life to interact. Otherwise, the development stops. Autostop opened to me eyes on many of my fears. I was afraid of drivers and raising a hand, and spend the night near the highway. Yes, and here in the village of Revival overnight one had not yet. However, it so happened that I had to hitchhike alone and spent the night alone. Overpowered myself overcame, glad now so. Less fear, yes the lives of others people found out. In a completely different way, people live in regions as if in another country.

In the Caucasus, the grass is already all green, flowers appear. Some trees have got foliage, almost summer. And in Moscow before departure almost snow still lay.

Village Revival. Spring. Village Revival. Spring.

Village Renaissance. Spring.

I just came from the Commander, I’m supposed to come at night. I will sit around the fire and wait. Where is the second member of the expedition unknown It may also be divided, but how much you can already go, I overtook them more than a day.

The sixth day. Without hitchhiking, in Renaissance.

In the evening the wind arrived! Finally! He told how to get. Yeah … Exactly, man wanted adventure. And he spent the night without a tent I went along that road, and walked for five hours. Tired almost immediately on arrival to sleep fell. Now we are all in the collection. Commander is the same as and wrote, arrived last night.

He sat today at the dolmens, meditating type. Ok about them, new thoughts then appear.

Village Revival. Dolmen. Village Revival. Dolmen.

Village Renaissance. Dolmen.

Seventh day. Hitch-hiking: Revival-Tuapse.

On the last sentence I was cut off while lying in a tent, with turn on the lantern, and pen in hand. So, whether early getting up makes itself felt, whether I so rummaged boiled condensed milk with grilled bread on the fire that broke me in a warm sleeping bag. Yes, now I sleep in comfort, put a bottle of hot water in my legs water This awesome way is fine decision and why I don’t thought of this before.

We got up, swam, and decided to move in Tuapse. There to take the car Commander (he lives in Tuapse) and go to the village Anastasievka (Tuapse district), where the dolmen, called the temple of the sun, located. And after, see ecovillage near Absheron.

To Tuapse arrived quickly, probably for 2 hours. First, before Jubga I was asked by Kamaz, and the guys were gazelles, where we met and stopped the passenger gazelle, the three of them, however, more fun to go. AT Tuapse, we went to the friends of Commander, funny such people, a little fussy, fed us like a grandmother in childhood fed I listened to stories about mountain hikes, after which I I realized that, apparently, I didn’t want to go, and I wouldn’t go with them: without rest, to the waist in cold water, some kind of mountain maniac.

The matter is in the evening, and we stayed with the Commander. So cute small room made in ethnic style. And the most important thing is heater. And I was also lucky enough to sleep on the bed. here you go why when she is constantly, you don’t notice her.

To be continued – Hitchhiker to the Caucasus and back. Spring 2007. Part 2.

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