Emergency checkpoints and hospitals in Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana – where to go

My interest in Sochi and Rosa Khutor has not waned over the years. I I come here really often and I know first-hand the local life. One of the daily factors of this life is medicine in Sochi. Like it or not, at some point you are forced to seek help to our doctors and well, if this is just a routine case and not injury.

Although, in Rosa Khutor injuries – these are routine cases for local rescuers and doctors. In the post below, I listed all decent resort facilities that may come in handy for you Time relax.

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  • 1 Emergency checkpoints and resorts hospitals
    • 1.1 City hospitals Rosa Khutor and Krasnaya Polyana
    • 1.2 City hospitals Adler
    • 1.3 City hospitals of Sochi
  • 2 Do I need to do tour insurance in Sochi
  • 3 On the map

Emergency centers and resorts hospitals

City hospitals Rosa Khutor and Krasnaya Polyana

The main medical facilities in the ski area of the resort are Alpika Med and City Hospital number 8 on Turchinsky. Alpika Honey is private clinic with its own emergency room, dentistry and pharmacy. The prices here are Moscow, the doctor’s appointment is from 1500 rubles, to put in plaster – from 1000 rubles, put an injection – 300 rubles. The clinic is modern, with excellent doctors and equipment. Located literally in 600 meters from the railway station Rosa Khutor in a separate building.

Hospital 8 at Turchinsky is a state hospital. A place where OMS owners are taken, as well as insurance holders traveler too. The hospital is equipped at the proper level, doctors polite and competent. However, free assistance is provided by minimum level using Russian plates / pins / bolts. Accordingly, in the absence of necessary, or if you want something better – it doesn’t start to get a divorce, but let’s say – paid medicine.

For example, for frequent injury of a “clavicle fracture” a price tag for import plate can sound from 50 000 to 25 000 rubles, apparently looking at the patient’s solvency. Payment is taken cashless transfer to a certain card, without checks and superfluous explanations. Agree or not is your business and right. In addition to this point, reviews about The hospital is quite positive.

From the nuances – in the hospital on Turchinsky do not accept children with injuries. So everyone with the age of 18 is sent to Sochi. AND the second caveat – they begin with almost 21 curfew hour. Gate locked, expose a fierce guard, access to territory is possible only after altercations and presentation injuries.

Adler City Hospitals

In Adler, I wrote myself six points, which can be accessed independently, or where the insurance companies go. “Be Zdorovya “is a private clinic with an emergency room. City Hospital No. 9 on Abrikosova Regional Hospital № 4 and three branches of the city Polyclinic №2 (on Gudauta, Ulyanova and Lesnoy).

Network “Be Healthy”, as well as many private clinics of Sochi, engaged in providing medical services for owners Traveller’s insurance, which I wrote about in more detail in a separate post Reasonable prices: dropper from 500 rubles, apply a plaster – from 750 rubles, medical appointment – from 750 rubles. Close to Moscow prices In general, as I looked.

Regional hospital №4 on the street Kirov, 50, is considered the main and The most serious public medical institution Adler. New building, decent equipment, own non-stop emergency room. The place where you are most likely to be taken by an ambulance. According to the work of the emergency room, in RuNet approximately the same number positive and negative reviews.

Do not forget that even if you have an emergency, the person accompanying you should not leave the car next to hospital – rolled tow. Parking opposite the hospital no, entry only through the barrier and for their cars – they say it’s anti-terror here. Sochi realities.

Branches of Polyclinic №2 on Gudauta, Ulyanova and Lesnoy do not have emergency station, but in the hours of admission here you can come to the surgeon. AT Emergency and acute conditions will let you out the queue.

How do people write – do not linger with the timid question “and can we queue up “at the reception – there is bureaucracy and coupons. Immediately head on, that you have a sharp pain, if she certainly spicy. In theory, you should immediately be taken to the office. pre-medical reception, and there the profile doctor will examine you.

Sochi City Hospitals

There are a lot of polyclinics and city hospitals in Sochi (the main find on the map at the end of the article). Therefore, I wrote most often mentioned and, of course, the first is to indicate the City Hospital №4. The oldest, largest and most advanced medical facility in Central Sochi. The main territory is even allocated in a separate neighborhood “Hospital City”. It is brought here with injuries. adults and children. There are dispensaries and hospitals, there are a perinatal center and a children’s general hospital.

City Hospital №4 interacts with the main assistance, who help you in case of an insured event. A place widely publicized and well-known that affects quantity and quality of reviews. Be that as it may, the wider range of medical services and options for medical care in Sochi you will not find.

And on Sochi, I want to draw your attention to the bad reviews about City Hospital number 3 in Khost. Right here, strongly NOT recommend her visit, called the hospice and apply to her very unflattering epithets. I did not check it myself, but after everything I read, the desire to make sure of everything personally did not appear.

From private clinics in Sochi, you can specify “Reliable assistance.” Fairly well-known, well-equipped, located in a building on the territory of the neighborhood Hospital town. Service prices a little overestimated, medical appointment from 1000 rubles per hour. Specialize in injuries and rehabilitation, as well as arthrosis and podology, what would it meant nothing.

Back in Sochi, City Hospital No. 9 is highly rated; also several branches in the city. Most often in a positive context, the Abrikosova Branch 15. It is also possible to add Polyclinic №1 on Abrikosova 15, and City polyclinic №1.

City Hospital №4 in Sochi City Hospital №4 in Sochi

City Hospital №4 in Sochi

Do I need to make a tour insurance in Sochi

If you still think that if you have OMS, then you are without problems get all the help you need, this is not exactly the case. One thing case of getting sick or getting injured in your own neighborhood with cars, home and familiar doctors. And the other is getting in trouble. a couple of thousand kilometers from home. And well, if you manage banal rotavirus or sprained ankle.

And if the infection is cut for a couple of weeks? And if a pelvic fracture and you – bed patient? And God forbid something happens to children? goodbye vacation, money and plane tickets. All this can be somehow to compensate for the purchase of an inexpensive policy, which will be provided for all possible incidents of vacation.

See prices for insurance →

Separate travel insurance will help you get help without queues and registries. I remember, even the tests had to be taken for your money to speed up the process. And the cost of testing is higher than the cost of the policy. They are really cheap for traveling in Russia.

Although, of course, most of all insurance is needed for those who will be engage in active sports, such as surfing and skiing. Well, and children, too, is desirable. Separate post about ski insurance For Russia.

On the map

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