Dino Park on Phuket – feel the atmosphere of the Jurassic period!

If you fly to Thailand with children and plan to stay at Phuket Island, we advise you to book a luxurious 4-star hotel Marina Phuket on Hotellook.ru orRoomGuru.ru, and all because its territory is amazing and The unique Dino Park is a dinosaur park with a playground for mini-golf, decorated in the scenery of the Jurassic Park. To find it is possible in the southern part of Karon Beach, not far from the statue Big Buddha.

Dino Park in Phuket

Artificial pond, waterfall, caves and dinosaurs – the main Dino Park Attractions in Phuket. The main characters are dinosaurs, presented to visitors in natural size, flaunt, drowning in the beauties of tropical vegetation. And in the evening in Dino Park sound and lighting effects that complement the already realistic atmosphere Jurassic period.

Dino Park in Phuket Dino Park in Phuket

Dinosaur Park in Phuket has the form of a maze, entered into which the visitor will meet with a 12 meter prehistoric waterfall marsh erupting volcano with hardened lava. Entire route to Dino Parke is accompanied by ball holes, so that along the way you can play mini golf.

Dinosaur Park in Phuket

What to do in Dino Park?

Dino Park in Phuket is great for walking with the whole family and photo shoots on the background of dinosaurs and “creepy” caves. If you hungry, then the territory of the dinosaur park in Phuket is located the restaurant is also decorated in the style of the Jurassic period. Has the form caves with stone tables and chairs that are buried in trees and shrubs. The cave is guarded by a dinosaur hiding on the roof. Menu The restaurant provides Thai and European cuisine with chilled cocktails and necks.

Dinosaur Park in Phuket
Dino Park in Phuket Dino Park in Phuket

Dino Park is intended, first of all, for playing mini-golf, which will surely entice both adults and children in Phuket. The game lasts about 35-45 minutes, during which you need to get balls in 18 holes. The site can hold no more than 60 person.

Dinosaur Park in Phuket Dinosaur Park in Phuket
Dino Park in Phuket Dino Park in Phuket

How much is a ticket to Dino Park?

Dinosaur Park in Phuket is open from 10 am until the night, for the ticket will have to give about 150 baht for adults and 100 baht for children. You pay for the opportunity to walk through Dino Park and take a picture of the atmosphere of the Jurassic period along with dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Park in Phuket

For those who want to become a party to the game of mini-golf, in Dino The park has other rates. Adults ticket costs about 250 baht for children – 190 baht.

How to get to the dinosaur park?

As stated at the very beginning, Dino Park in Phuket is located in south of Karon Beach on Patak Roud. If you are on Kata Beach, walk along Soi Pakbang to the north, if Karon, then naturally towards the south along Patak Roud Street. Look better at its location on the map and click on the link. “Calculate the route” , Google-карты определит вашу точку,Park point and suggest the most appropriate route. After visiting this heavenly place, you can take a look at interesting park Phuket Fantasy!

Dinosaur Park in Phuket

Dino Park on Phuket Island Map

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Dino Park

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