Big Buddha Statue in Phuket

The statue of the Big Buddha on Phuketen is located on the highest point of the island. It sits in the petals of white lotus on top of Mount Nakaked near Chalong Ring and the beach Kata Beach, and next to it is a grand Dino Park.S. from the very beginning of the construction of the statue of Big Buddha, she destined to become a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists and tourist attraction from around the world.

The location of the statue on the highest mountain Nakaked allows you to see it from almost anywhere in the south Phuket The view of the Big Buddha equates to a view of the sea, which significantly increases the cost of housing. Features of price formation Real estate in Thailand, we have already discussed.

Big Buddha Statue in Phuket

How to get to the statue of Big Buddha

If you drive to the statue “Big Buddha” on Phuketes self by car or bike (read More information about the bike in Phuket), then you need to go on Chaof Road, in the Chalong area, you will see red and white shields with the words “The Big Buddha” indicating the direction to the location of the statue of Big Buddha. Ride along these pointers, and you just never get lost. Will have to rise on steep slopes, sometimes reaching 45 degrees. Because of these there are no big tourist buses coming here. Before the statue on The island can also be reached in a Thai taxi, every Thai knows where This statue is located.

The road to the statue of Big Buddha in Phuket

Road to the Big Buddha Statue in Phuket

If you get hungry during the journey to her, you can eat in one of the local cafes, there are more than enough of them and most with beautiful views.

Entrance to the territory

Big Buddha in Phuket is one of the few. places of the island where the dress code is valid – your clothes should not open shoulders and knees, everything must be decent. Remember you in holy place! But if it really happened that the clothes failed, despair, here you are always, completely free, offered sarong, it is better not to give it up. Buddha, of course, loves everyone but accepts only those who show respect.

Dress code at the statue of Big Buddha in Phuket

The dress code at the statue of Big Buddha in Phuket (source:

At the base of the Big Buddha is a museum, all visitors pass through it on the way to the stairs leading to the statue.

Staircase leading to the statue of the Big Buddha

The staircase leading to the statue of the Big Buddha (source:

There are many interesting things here, there is a hall that displays the history of the project, some buddhist shrines and countless crates for donations. Recently a meditation training room opened here. Behind a small reward, a real teacher and monk leads a personal or a group lesson of the simplest meditation. At the statue of the Big Buddha on Phuket there are always monks, do not miss the chance to contact them for blessing

A place for balgoslovleniya at the statue of the Big Buddha in Phuket

Balgoslovleniya place at the statue of Big Buddha in Phuket

The whole statue is covered with 135 tons of white German marble, decorated with jade and has a height of 45 meters and 25 meters in diameter at the bottom. The statue in Phuket is estimated at 50 million baht.

Big Buddha Statue in Phuket 6

During construction, donations came from Thais from other cities, the local population, foreign tourists and even from overseas. Buddha faces east to Chalong Bay and Phang Nga By the way, here you can see a friend and a statue of Buddha, length of 12.5 meters in height. It is made of 22 tons of brass, worth 8 million baht and is dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. BUT while the Big Buddha himself is dedicated to His Majesty the King Bhumibol.

Small statue at the Big Buddha in Phuket

Small statue, 12.5 meters high

What time is better to come

I would advise to come to the statue of the Big Buddha in the evening, to avoid the scorching sun and, at the same time, to meet the sunset. Need to to say that the views here are absolutely stunning. Being at this statues, you can admire the panoramic view of the waterfront Chalong, as well as rainforests and some beaches of the island Phuket And also in your field of view will get a stunning view. Andaman Sea and its dozens of rocky islands.

Observation deck on Chalong

Chalong Observation Deck

Statue video guide (shooting from quadrocopter)

Big Buddha statue on map

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Big Buddha Statue Statue of the Big Buddha

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