All the beaches of Phuket and the best beaches of the island – description from personal experience

I have been wintering 3 times in Phuket, so it was time to go on different beaches and make their reviews. This post is collective, after the description of each beach you will find a link to a detailed story about each of the beaches with photos. Also you can familiarize with detailed reviews of the beaches of Phuket, Samui, Phangan, Pattaya, Ko Changa, Krabi, Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Hua Hin.

Phuket’s beaches will go from north to south, counterclockwise. arrows. And to better represent where and what, see the map of all the beaches at the very bottom of the article, there you can click on the point on map and follow the link to read a detailed description with a bunch photos. You can also download various paper maps. beaches.

The content of the article

  • 1 List of the best beaches in Phuket
  • 2 Main beaches of Phuket
    • 2.1 Nai Yang Beach
    • 2.2 Naithon Beach
    • 2.3 Bang Tao Beach
    • 2.4 Surin Beach
    • 2.5 Kamala Beach
    • 2.6 Patong Beach
    • 2.7 Karon Beach
    • 2.8 Kata Beach
    • 2.9 Kata Noi Beach
    • 2.10 Nai Harn Beach
  • 3 Non main beaches of Phuket
    • 3.1 Beaches Mai Kao and Sai Kao (Mai Khao Beach and Sai Kaew)
    • 3.2 Banana Beach
    • 3.3 Laem Sing Beach
    • 3.4 Kamala Beach near Aquamarine Resort
    • 3.5 Nakalay Beach
    • 3.6 Kalim Beach
    • 3.7 Tri Trang Beach
    • 3.8 Freedom Beach
    • 3.9 Beach of Le Meridien Hotel (Le Meridión Phuket Beach Resort))
    • 3.10 Ao Sane Beach
    • 3.11 Ya Nui Beach
    • 3.12 Rawai Beach
    • 3.13 Chalong Beach
  • 4 Phuket Beaches Map

List of the best beaches in Phuket

The first thing to know is only in the west of Phuket and in the south swimable beaches. Yes, there are a couple more in the east, but they are straight quite an amateur.

The best beaches for a long stay in my opinion: Nai Harn and bang tao. Both are calm, there are few hotel tourists, more total homes for rent, lack of infrastructure. On bang tao even Tesco supermarket is. But when we talk about Nai Harn, there is that it’s necessary to live in the Rawai or Chalong area (that’s where all houses for rent), and on the Nai Harn himself ride a bike or a car. On Bang Tao can also be settled within walking distance from the sea. Also Kamala can be considered – there is a BigC supermarket, there is housing and the sea will be near.

Karon, Kata and Kata Noi are best suited for a beach holiday. Listed in order of decreasing the number of people. But speaking about the beaches themselves, the Karon will be prettier, and Kata is more comfortable. At all the best of them, in my opinion, is Kata Noi, but there hotels are very expensive and infrastructure is not enough. In principle, no one bothers ride Kata Noi swim, or even walk if you live on Kata, there is not far. For an average budget, I would choose a hotel between Karon and Katya. Then it will turn out that all 3 beaches will be close by and within walking distance. availability. Plus, Kata has a Makro supermarket.

Hotels in Phuket →

I know many people like to relax on the quiet Surin beach. He is good, I do not argue, but I’m still more for Kata-Karon, somehow they more pleasant, if we are not talking about the coast, but about the area. If you need places with less infrastructure then consider Knighton and Nai Yang. Last in general, you can say rustic.

Lovers of nightlife and parties direct road to Patong. He is not only resembles a small city, but also has the most developed infrastructure in the area. Shops, bars, clubs, and a small branch Pattaya – its walking street. Also here is the most budget hotels.

The main beaches of Phuket

Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang is located just south of the airport. Infrastructure is not much developed, there are cafes, hotels, mini-market, a market aside. Place not strongly promoted, there are few people on the shore. Better for swimming just fit the central part, there is a fairly quick entry and Sun beds on the beach with umbrellas. Casuarinas grow on the shore and create shadow.

But in the northern and southern parts of the entrance is very long, and at low tide generally do not reach the depths. And in the southern part, where casuarin the forest is full of stones and the locals gather seafood there at low tide. More Details about Nai Yang with descriptions and photos.

Nai Yang Beach - Nai Yang Beach Nai Yang Beach - Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach – Nai Yang Beach

Naithon Beach

Not a very big beach near Phuket airport. Creates impression of a resort location. There are many people on the shore, near the cafe Russian language laudatory reviews of guests. Along the beach goes the road behind which the hotels are located. The building here is dense.

The beach itself is beautiful, pleasant. The sand is shallow, the water is clear, coastal wide. From the road separates casuarin forest belt. Lounge chairs arranged in several rows. In details About Knighton with descriptions and photos.

Knighton Beach - Naithon Beach Knighton Beach - Naithon Beach

Naithon Beach – Naithon Beach

The next piece of the beach, after you climb the mountain, belongs to the Andaman White Beach Resort. I was not allowed to go there, they say private property.

Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao is a long beach, about 5 kilometers. Usually live in its southern part, because in the north there are very few hotels, houses under the change, cafes and shops. There is rather a wasteland and a few cafes on the shore. In general, Bang Tao can be described as calm. a place. In great detail about Bang Tao with descriptions and photos, and below briefly.

North Bang Tao. There are very few people on the beach, it can be said at all almost no one. There may be big waves that are not suitable for little children. The depth is growing pretty fast. The water is clean as well medium sand. The beach strip is wide and separated from the road. Casuarin grove and fence. The shadow of the trees is only in the first half a day Entrances to the beach there is only where the cafes. Large Parking near the hotel Nikki Beach.

Bang Tao Beach North Bang Tao Beach North

Bang Tao Beach North

Mid Bang Tao. Solid resorts around the lakes, pretentious and expensive place. The main area is occupied by Laguna Beach Resort. The road runs straight along the beach and stands between it and the shore. cafes in a row. And here it ends somewhere, a dead end. AND to get to the southern part of Bang Tao you need to go back a little (to the north), go around the lagoon. There is parking near Moevenpick Resort at the time of shooting free for all. Fine sand. People here already more than on the northern part, but still quite normal. But from the middle to the south of the people much more. The shadow is most likely here will have to mine with umbrellas.

Bang Tao Beach Middle Bang Tao Beach Middle

Bang Tao Beach Middle

South Bang Tao. Dense and tight buildings, many hotels, shops, cafes, houses for the long term. There is a normal Tesco. The main road passes here a mile and a half from the beach and goes to Surin beach. The rest of the tracks are narrow, the car is cramped, it is better to drive on the bike. The main entrance to the beach near Bangtao Beach Resort, although through other resorts you can go too. People on the shore decently full of loungers. Depth does not increase quickly, but do not have to go too far. Shadow can be found under casuarinas (in the first half day) and under umbrellas.

Bang Tao Beach South Bang Tao Beach South

Bang Tao beach south

Surin Beach

Surin seemed to me a cramped beach where there are too many people and dvizhuhi Around the Russian language is heard and a lot of Russian inscriptions. Such usual resort location. Most of the beach is covered with sun beds. The sand is shallow, the depth increases average. With natural shadow can be a problem. Parking is better on the football field, it slightly away from the main entrance, where the temple stands (there is rarely a place it happens). More details about Surin with a description and photo.

Next to Surin is Pansy Beach. I can not get to him succeeded, rested in the resort and the barrier, but you can get there on foot, allowed without problems.

Surin Beach - Surin Beach Surin Beach - Surin Beach

Surin Beach – Surin Beach

Kamala Beach

Kamala is a long beach and infrastructure depends on the part where you stop, in this regard, it looks like Bang Tao. And just as well gives the impression of a calm and “rustic” beach, because what is not here night resort life. More about Kamala with photos and descriptions, and below read briefly.

North of Kamala. From Surin, you can get here through pass, the road goes along the coast. In this part of the beach there is little housing and many empty spaces. Between the road and the beach some fenced off zone, inside it is only trees and wastelands. Everything hotels are across the road from the coast. There are enough people on the shore, but not to say that very much. The sand is very fine near water, and closer to the trees bigger. The depth is increasing rapidly, which is convenient for adults. The shadow of casuarinas is only in places and in the first half a day

Kamala Beach North Kamala Beach North

Kamala north beach

The middle of Kamala. The road goes from the coast towards the land. In this parts of the area are much more people. Dense building starts from here and goes to South Kamala. There is a mini Tesco, a small BigSi, the entire infrastructure is located from the middle to the south. Beach the same as in the north, only the depth increases already much slower Despite the hotels and the “city” I liked the atmosphere, not very direct tourist.

South Kamala. In the south, the road again runs along the beach, though no longer the main one (she leaves for Patong), but a minor one. The beach is coming straight along this road, there are almost no people, there is a natural on the sand garbage. In the south and south-middle a long entrance, you have to walk 50 meters on water.

Kamala South Beach Kamala South Beach

Kamala South Beach

Patong Beach

Patong Beach is the most famous beach on the island. Some call its branch of Pattaya, because there is almost everything that is there in nightly entertainment plan. Actually, hang out here and go. BUT Also on the tour most packers get here. People here full, both on the coast and in the city. Yes, this is a real city. with traffic jams, busy traffic, and shopping centers.

From Kamala you can get here through a long pass, and from Karon’s way is much closer. There is a road along the beach itself. unilateral, consider this when moving. Between the road and shore trees, sellers of all sorts of things, trees. Get to the beach possible at any point. The beach is crowded, many lounges on all throughout. The water is dirty, massage services everywhere, jet skis. BUT here on the southernmost part of the berth almost no one, neither people nor loungers. I do not know why, most likely, because there boats park. More details about Patong with a description and photo.

Patong Beach - Patong Beach Patong Beach - Patong Beach

Patong Beach – Patong Beach

Karon Beach

You can get to Karon through a small pass from Patong, and from south side of Kata Beach, which flows smoothly into Karon. Infrastructure and hotels are all over, not much difference noticed The road goes almost everywhere along the coast, and between it and coastline only sand and trees, that is, enter the beach possible at any point. The beach is popular, but not as lively as Patong, although on the shore of people is not much less. In the area of Karon Park pond and some empty spaces.

A lot of people. The sand is rather fine. During low tide the water goes away not too far, but the entrance is always long. More In detail about Karon with photo and description.

Karon Beach near Karon Park Karon Beach near Karon Park

Karon Beach near Karon Park

Beach Karon South Beach Karon South

Beach Karon south

Kata Beach

Kata Beach is a civil beach, it is immediately visible through the buildings. People a lot, like on Karon. Narrow roads, dense building. Along the whole beach is a long resort behind the fence. Between him and the beach is the road. You can park on it without any problems at all throughout. Kata flows into Kathu Noah. The entrance is long, at low tide it very noticeable. Fine sand. The beach itself is less beautiful than Karon, but some consider it more comfortable. Personally, I prefer to book Hotel between Katya and Karon, very convenient place. More details about Kate with photos and descriptions.

Kata Beach Kata Beach

Kata Beach

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi can be accessed from Kata Beach over the hill. He is not big, but steep, you are not on foot. Buildings are even more civil than Kate The beach is separated from the road by hotels, you can only go through 2 entrance: at the beginning still on the hill and almost at the end of the beach. And park by car is also not entirely simple, there are no parking lots (for a bike there), but the road is narrow. The beach is quite small. Little people, many sun beds. Sand is medium in size. There may be waves. More about Kate Noah with a photo and description.

Kata Noi Beach Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach

Nai Harn Beach

In my opinion one of the best beach on the island. Road along it does not pass, next is a casuarin grove with a shadow, we visit local. There are few hotels nearby, only expensive ones. Infrastructure too almost not, so living here is not very convenient, and nowhere, if it is about long stay. It’s good to ride a bike here Rawai, literally 10 minutes to go. Near the beach there is a big pond and temple. No crowding, the place is not too resort, although there are enough people. The sand is medium in size, the entrance is fast, even at low tide you can swim, just go a little further. There may be high waves, and then here forbid to swim. More on Nai Harn with photos and description.

Nai Harn Beach - Nai Harn Beach Nai Harn Beach - Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach – Nai Harn Beach

Not the main beaches of Phuket

Beaches Mai Kao and Sai Kao (Mai Khao Beach and Sai Kaew)

Two beaches in the very north of Phuket near the airport. Mai Kao partly located in the national park. In some places of the beach there are cafes, where locals come on weekends. Both deserted beaches, with casuarin trees and a very sharp entrance, depth already delays. They say that swimming here can be dangerous need to be careful. A little more about the Mai Kao beach.

Mai Kao Beach - Mai Khao Beach Mai Kao Beach - Mai Khao Beach

Mai Kao Beach – Mai Khao Beach

Banana Beach

On the road from Knighton towards Bang Tao, there is not very noticeable and not too popular Banana Beach. From the road down to it leads steep path between the trees. The beach itself is quite small, literally 100 meters, or even less. People a little, but not enough. There is a cafe. Car or bike should be left on the road, there is some parking space. Learn more about Banana Beach with a description. and photos.

Banana Beach - Banana Beach Banana Beach - Banana Beach

Banana Beach – Banana Beach

Laem Sing Beach

Laem Sing is a very small beach. It is perfectly visible from the viewpoint roads. There is no access to the beach. You need to throw vehicles up at the road and go down the mountain path. Thais made a paid entrance to beach and paid parking. Moreover, there is very little space for this, and in the season at best, you will only find where to stick a bike. But, if not too lazy to walk a hundred meters, then from Laem Sing towards Kamala along the road there will be a couple of places (one of them near the garbage), where even You can put the car. Or, alternatively, park at viewpoint.

On the crowded beach is average. Its area is small, therefore depends on the influx of tourists. The depth increases from the average by speed. Large blocks protrude from the water, they are completely ebbing are exposed. More on Laem Sing with photos and description.

Laem Sing Beach - Laem Sing Beach Laem Sing Beach - Laem Sing Beach

Laem Sing Beach – Laem Sing Beach

Kamala Beach near Aquamarine Resort

A small piece of the beach in Kamala Bay near the Aquamarine Hotel Resort & Villa. This is the southernmost part of Kamala. Ride here, rather of all, it is not worth it, only if you sit in a cafe on shore, she is there alone. Solid resorts, pretty cool. Quiet, calm, no people. The sand is coarse with shells, there are stones in the water. The shore is narrow, really just a few meters in total, but it’s at high tide. The depth increases relatively long. And at low tide the water goes away, and swim here will be problematic. More about this segment Kamaly.

Kamala Beach near Aquamarine Resort Kamala Beach near Aquamarine Resort

Kamala Beach near Aquamarine Resort

Nakalay Beach

On Naklai Beach did not hit, just photographed from above. Everybody there fences off Nakalay Beach Resort, there is an inscription on the shield near it “Do not enter”. From above, I did not see any of the people on the shore. Read more about Nakalay Beach.

Naklai Beach - Nakalay Beach Naklai Beach - Nakalay Beach

Naklai Beach – Nakalay Beach

Kalim Beach

Kalim Beach is located in the north of Patong and it is literally small a piece of sand by the road. There were few people in my visit. Depth growing rapidly, there may be waves. More about Kalime with photos and description.

North of Kalim is a rocky shore, where at low tide local people are collecting something all the time, and generally they have a party there some kind of And south of Kalima almost immediately begins Patong Beach.

Kalim Beach - Kalim Beach Kalim Beach - Kalim Beach

Kalim Beach – Kalim Beach

Tri Trang Beach

If you go from Patong to the south not on the main road (it goes to Karon), and along the coast, then through the hill we will get to the beach Tritrang. It is located near the eponymous Tri Trang Resort, there you can and get on the beach itself, near the resort the path goes sharply down. To me it was scary to go. The sand is plain, like everywhere else. People a little calm and quiet. The beach is small in length. Depth is not increasing quickly, at low tide and stones. Read more about Tritrang with photos.

Tritrang Beach - Tri Trang Beach Tritrang Beach - Tri Trang Beach

Tritrang Beach – Tri Trang Beach

Freedom Beach

Smooth coastline length of about 500 meters consisting of pure white and fine sand on one side drowning in the real jungle. Small paradise beaches, once a little known, but now quite popular and crowded, despite the isolation and some workability. The beach is located to the south of the noisy Patong beach, behind the forest covered cape Read more about Freedom Beach with photos and descriptions.

View of Freedom Beach from the right entrance View of Freedom Beach from the right entrance

View of Freedom Beach from the right entrance

Beach Hotel Le Meridien (Le Meridiun Phuket Beach Resort)

The small beach of the hotel Le Meridien, which is surrounded on two sides green hills overgrown with tropical vegetation. Sand on The beach is white, shallow and clean. Sunset in the sea flat and comfortable. Water also clean, azure color. Get to the beach and from Patong and from Karon can be about 10 minutes away. As the hotel is worth alone and in a rather secluded place, swimming in the beach mostly hotel guests. More information about the beach hotel Le Meridien, with a photo.

Le Meridien Beach Hotel - Le Meridian Phuket Beach Resort Le Meridien Beach Hotel - Le Meridian Phuket Beach Resort

Beach Hotel Le Meridien – Le Meridian Phuket Beach Resort

Ao Sane Beach

Very small beach, several tens of meters in length. To To get to it, you need to go from Nai Harn to the right through the hotel. Dead end road. The beach itself with large stones and medium sand size. People are usually not many, and divers come here. Detailed description of the beach Ao Sane.

Ao Sane Beach Ao Sane Beach

Ao Sane Beach

Ya Nui Beach

Very small beach, literally a few tens of meters. Him often photographed from above. There is a rental kayak, cafes. entrance relatively long, stones in the water. Read more about Yanuy beach with photo and description.

Yanui Beach - Ya Nui Beach Yanui Beach - Ya Nui Beach

Yanui Beach – Ya Nui Beach

Rawai Beach

On the beach itself, hardly anyone bathes. This is a “technical” beach, where fishermen boats are parked. It’s nice to sit on the waterfront one of the many cafes, or stroll along the pier. Also in this The area has a lot of houses for rent, where the longsters live. We ourselves are here lived once. The location is still good because from here 10 minutes to Nai Kharna. Read more about Rawai Beach with photos and descriptions.

Rawai Beach - Rawai Beach Rawai Beach - Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach – Rawai Beach

Chalong Beach

About the same as Ravai. There are parked boats, boats, can not swim. And it’s also convenient to live here, because a lot housing and infrastructure too happy. Tesco near and up Phuket Town with its shopping centers is also very close.

Phuket Beaches Map

Phuket Beaches Map (North) Phuket Beaches Map (North)

Phuket Beaches Map (North)

Map of Phuket beaches (south) Map of Phuket beaches (south)

Map of Phuket beaches (south)

P.S. The review lacks some shallow or private beaches. Lists: Beach Hotel Trisara Resort, the beach at the hotel Layan Beach Resort, Pansea Beach, Hua Beach, Paradise beach, Merlin Hotel Beach Beach Resort, Siam Beach, Nui Beach, Laem Ka Beach, Ao Yon Beach, Cape Panwa. Maybe I will photograph them later, but for now just marked on the map.

P.P.S. If you need a hotel in Phuket, then I personally have compiled selection of hotels. In general, the choice of housing in Phuket submitted to any budget, it remains only to choose.

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